⛏ Mint Here

Please Note : This is only the wireframe design and the final product might slightly differ from it.


Mint here is a custom built integration developed by our team. Our custom built dapp allows us to list 10 different projects on our platform. Our users can mint these projects on their mint dates directly on our Mint Here page. We decided to limit these projects to only 10 a month to avoid too many projects on our platform. Limiting these projects also helps our team keep their focus on our main goal of creating educational content.
Project founders have to fill out our application form for a listing on our Mint Here page. These applications are then screened by our team and only handpicked projects are listed. Projects have to adhere to certain guidelines to remain listed on our platform & any violation will result in a warning. Any successive violation will result in a delisting.
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Benefits For Users

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  • Mint New NFT Projects without approving multiple websites to access your wallet. We make this safe by having them listed within our platform. This allows our users to mint directly from a projects contract through our website.
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Benefits For Projects

  • Access to our huge user base.
  • Safety Certification from us (after founders KYC).
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This is a paid listing. A one time charge of 4 ETH is charged per project. This charge includes the Free Profile Listing + Mint Here Listing + A Project Analysis Blog Article from our team.


Q). Will each & every project be allowed to list on our platform?
A). Yes, every project will be allowed to list under profiles completely free of cost by simply submitting a form. But the Mint Here listing will only be available for projects that have been screened & approved by the team and have paid our listing fees.
Q). So why would a project choose Mint Here?
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Q). Will projects be willing to pay us for Mint Here listings?
A). Currently projects pay between 2-4 ETH for listing services on a website like RaritySniper which only provides the rarities. So we believe that the features being offered by us should be more than sufficient to justify our Mint Here Listing Fees.
Q). What are the optics of providing paid listings on an educational site?
A). This was much debated by our team. And the final outcome was, we decided to stick with our vision of providing NFT Education as our main product. So to avoid shifting the Team’s focus to Mint Here, the team has decided to cap the projects to a maximum of 10 a month. So we will not be allowing more than 10 projects to list under Mint Here within a month.
These 10 projects will be curated & will only be available to users who have been registered on our platform for at least a certain amount of time & have completed a certain no. of courses.